Manevals Notary and Tag Service


Our experienced title department will keep your vehicle on the road faster.

From ATV's and Kayak's to Commercial Vehicles, we've got you covered. We know what we're doing, and we're dedicated to keeping you moving on the road.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

Our services include:


    *      Registration and driver's license renewals (except CDL)

    *      Duplicate registration materials

    *      Driver license replacements (except CDL)

    *      Address change on registration

    *      Address change on driver license (except CDL)

    *      Title transfers

    *      Issuing of plates

    *      Special Fund Plates

    *      2290

    *      Duplicate title (7-10 days)

    *      Driver license and registration restoration


    *      Name change on driver license and registration

    *      Address correction on CDL drivers

    *      Driver license renewals on CDL drivers

    *      Personalized plates/ military plates

    *      Antique and classic plates

    *      IFTA / non-IFTA quarterly fuel reports

    *      Special case title transfers

    *      Apportion


    *      NY HUT new account

    *      NY HUT vehicle add

    *      IFTA quarterlies

    *      NY HUT quarterlies

    *      Fax/Copies

    *      Trip permits


    *      ATV title transfers

    *      ATV replacements

    *      ATV renewals

    *      Snowmobile title transfers

    *      Snowmobile replacements

    *      Snowmobile renewals


    *      Boat title transfers

    *      Launch permits ( 1 year or 2 year)

    *      Boat registration renewals

    *      Replacement boat materials

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